The PATCO Strike: The Nexus Of Current US Labor Relations

On October 22nd, 1981 PATCO was decertified from its right to represent workers by the Federal Labor Relations Authority. This came as a result of a short-lived strike beginning on August 3rd of the same year and ending August 5th. The strike was found to be a violation of a law concerning civil service employees. The… » 10/22/14 2:06pm Yesterday 2:06pm

55 Years Ago Today, The Guggenheim Museum Opened Its Doors To The Public

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is celebrating its 55th anniversary today. The museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of his last design projects, and in 2013 boasted an incredible 1.2 million visitors. Wright envisioned the building as, "...the building and the painting an uninterrupted, beautiful… » 10/21/14 1:27pm Tuesday 1:27pm